Highways Traffic Management Ltd Training


At Highways TM, we have a wide range of specialists delivering infrastructure design and civil engineering across a diverse range of projects, UK-wide.

At any one time, we will have teams working on schemes that range from large residential developments to major power generating facilities. The needs are very different, and the skills we bring reflect the breadth and diversity of our team.

We are focused on delivering best value appraisals on sites to offer commercially viable solutions but also to address planning requirements and user needs. It’s a fine balance and reflects how experienced our team is at engaging with all stakeholders and interested parties, and working collaboratively with regulatory authorities.

Our delivery to you will embrace the specialist skills, where appropriate, of our experts across Highways TM including drainage, highways and transportation, utilities, geotechnics, land quality and structural engineering to inform critical decisions on infrastructure design. It’s an illustration of the importance of getting infrastructure right to ensure a site works seamlessly for all parties and provides ‘best value’ engineering.